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We support women in Afghanistan to make the impossible possible.. We do this by giving them the tools they need to be successful in socio-economic spheres.

Her Afghanistan is an organization dedicated to the advancement of young Afghan women. Her Afghanistan is a global online platform for professionals around the world to support Afghan women in fields of security, peace, foreign policy and tech.

Her Vision

To build Afghanistan for her and with her.

Her Mission

To empower Afghans to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through this platform.

Her Goals

Provide a platform of connections, resources and opportunities; demonstrate that advancing women directly contributes to the prosperity of all; encourage girls and young women to choose security, peace, foreign policy, and tech careers.

Her Facts

Afghanistan is ranked as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be born a woman, according to a survey by the Thompson Reuters Foundation. A report by Global Rights estimates that almost 90 percent of women experience physical or psychological abuse. As in all war-torn societies, women suffer disproportionately.

Estimated 2/3rd of Afghan Girls Do Not Attend School

Despite Afghan government and international donor efforts since 2001 to educate girls, an estimated two-thirds of Afghan girls do not attend school. Eighty-seven percent of Afghan women are illiterate, while 70-80 percent face forced marriage, many before the age of 16. Government statistics from 2014 show that 80 percent of all suicides are committed by women, making Afghanistan one of the few places in the world where rates are higher among women.


Your support means a lot to us. This will help us further our mission of helping women in Afghanistan.

Give A Lecture

Provide a minimum of 15-minute video in advancing the knowledge of Afghan women in security, peace, foreign policy, and tech.

Share Materials

Share and upload documents that could be useful and effective in the field of security, peace, foreign policy, and tech.

Share Opportunities

Share fellowship and scholarship opportunities with the women of Afghanistan so they can have access to knowledge and resources they need.

Sponsor A Discussion

Sponsor and host a conference in your country on Afghanistan. We will recommend attendees and speakers, as well as partners.

Host A Debate

Host a roundtable discussion in your country on Afghanistan, we will be happy to partner with you to organize a great session.

Publish A Story

Support young Afghan voices in security, peace, foreign policy and tech by publishing their content related ott their work and achievements.


The history of women’s struggle for equality and liberation in Afghanistan is often misunderstood and misrepresented. HerAfghanistan exists to change the image. But see how.

Empowering Her

We provide women with the tools and resources so they are empowered to do a better job than before.

Engaging Her

We find ways women can take the lead when it comes to social engagement, we connect them with a wider network.

Promoting Her

We identify and promote women leaders in Afghanistan so they and their impact is known to the world.




Women Trained


Families Supported


Team Members


See the amazing work we have been doing so far. We expand our work to more areas touching additional women, men and families


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We have brought together a team of experts from different fields. Our community is growing as we continue making an impact.

Her Afghanistan Founders

Mariam Wardak


Munaza Shaheed

Journalist, writer and anchor for Voice of America

Her Afghanistan Board

Sahra Karimi

Afghan film Director

Nadima Sahar

member of The Initiative’s Advisory Board

Behnaz Babazadeh

Afghan-born artist

Gulalai Noor Safi

Gulalai Noor Safi


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